Director : Puk Grasten


Article from DFI


Premiered at Goteborg filmfestival start 2016, in the Nordic Light section.

Goteborg filmfestival 37 premiere

One March night in 1964 witnessing 37 neighbors in Queens, New York, the brutal murder of Kitty Genovese. None of them intervene or call the police. 37 tells the story of some of these people and what led up to that that night inexplicably became passive observers. The film is a form strong portrayal of a neighborhood in flux, and the era of racism, civil rights groups and political change. The real event which inspired the film's action has been called a symbol of the time when the American innocence was lost. Director Puk Grasten weaves in his feature debut skillfully together different life stories, dreams and family conflicts by taking the viewer through rooms and floors in a house that will come to bear on a common debt.