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First Citizen (House of the Deaf Man) opens in a small room, where a therapist is in consultation with a young man. Through the use of hypnosis, the young man is experiencing a manipulation of his unconscious motivation. A feeling of debt is implanted in him through psycho-suggestion. First Citizen (House of the Deaf Man) proposes the idea that the indebtedness of the citizen is not only a causality of a flawed economic system, but also the last relation that connects the citizen to a community. The only sure way to be part of any power relation is to enter the creditor/debtor relationship. Debt might hence be something that the citizen unconsciously desires – as the only means of experiencing community. First Citizen (House of the Deaf Man) paints an awry portrait of the indebted man with a little help from Goyaʼs painting ʻDuel with Cudgelsʼ.